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Welcome to Yst, the pinnacle of modern culture, technology, magic, and wealth in the world. Below is a group of excerpts from various texts on the history of Yst:

-A Brief History of Yst as written by The 3rd Archbishop of The Church of the Holy Sun, His Honor Archbishop Julius San’Fierre’. – an excerpt from page fifty three.

“After the world was formed and magic introduced by the gods, the elven people carried themselves across the vast sea to settle this continent and sow the seeds of their race. The first great city of Ystol was the first major settlement build by the ancient elves (whom shall be here forth referred to as the Sandreddi, meaning in the ancient tongue ‘blessed ones’) . The Sandreddi build Yst as a beacon of life for their people and soon after the land of Yst was fully settled by the Sandreddi and other clans of elves. Dravos, then known as Kith’regar (or city on the ice) was the second major city build by the Sandreddi.
Many hundreds of years after the settlement of Yst by the Sandreddi, the first humans and dragon-kin arrived on Yst at Lord’s Landing. The land would soon see a war none the world had seen. The humans and dragons conquered quickly, with superior numbers and magic, the Sandreddi soon became overrun and the land was in the hands of the humans and the dragons.”
-an excerpt from page seventy two.
“There are three main elven races, each living in four different regions of Yst. The Snow-elves (Yaceddi meaning cold ones) live in the northern region of Yst. The Forest-elves (Woadeddi meaning wooden ones) live in the highlands and the Woodlands. The Desert-elves (Aerieddi for fiery ones) live in the Firelands. The elves, being of a subservient class, live mainly around cities and towns, except for those loyal to house Rose, who are free to roam within their borders.”
-an excerpt from page one hundred and three
“During the third year in the reign of King Andrius III, the magical artifact that we now know today as ‘the promise’ was discovered beneath the Capitol of Ystol. This ancient Sandreddi artifact is thought to contain great magical power and is currently being sought after by the three main houses of Rose, Warren, and Heath. A major war between the houses and their holdings broke out and the three houses vied for control of the artifact…”
“… [now 10] years later the war has still not been completed and the houses main battle is within the Capitol itself, dividing the city into house-controlled sectors. Most of the inhabitants have either fled or been killed in the tide of war, the city ravaged and broken.”
-A Brief History of the three major Houses of Yst as written by The 3rd Archbishop of The Church of the Holy Sun, His Honor Archbishop Julius San’Fierre’. – excerpt from page thirty two.
“There are three major houses in Yst; The House Rose, The House Warren, and The House Heath. The House Rose is located on the eastern shore of Yst, The House Rose has holdings over Riverfort, Woodport, Walthersport, and Forest Run. The House Rose stands across Yst as supporting equality amongst all the races including elves. The House Rose is made of three main families, the Klien Family (Humans), the Visogoth family (Dragon-kin), and the Yari’ki family (Evles). These families are prominent among the three Houses in the government council (before the onset of the war).
The House Warren has holdings in Fort Carth, Fort Mathus, The Brides, and the God’s Eye. The House Warren is the largest of the three houses with the most influence in the government. Their belief is in ‘pure blooded dragons’ and their incestual inbreeding is widely known and very controversial. While the Dragon-kin primarily hold positions of power or honor in House Warren, humans are a prominent part of the interworking’s of this House and make up about 40% of its loyalist, however they only serve as servants or soldiers. No elves are present or allowed in House Warren territory.
Finally, House Heath contains a strong lineage of mages and is a prestigious House to be apart of. It’s lineage includes the King’s own lineage, therefore it is the most wealthy of the three Houses, only rivaled by House Warren in wealth and holdings. House Heath shares its holdings with Ystol in Fort Wor, Fort Ice, Fort Trist, as well as the holdings of Dravos (Fort Dayme and Fort Highguard, although these fort’s resources belong to Dravos and the Capitol only, but are still support House Heath). House Heath also funds and runs the Mage’s Tower Academy for the Arcane, which is a mecca for all magic users seeking to further their education of magic or the history of magic.
Towns such as Yeeric, the Temple of Fire, and Lord’s Landing pledge no affiliation or loyalty to any of the Houses and essentially govern themselves although they do have loyalty’s to the crown.”

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